We Always Move With Speed To Ensure That We Are Several Steps Ahead Of Creditors

Dealing with bankruptcy is never easy and it should therefore never be left to people who can compromise the entire process. At our law firm, we believe that clients should be given nothing but the best service and there is no better way to do so than ensuring that we get it right from the very beginning. The moment a client contacts us to file for bankruptcy, we always move with speed to ensure that we are several steps ahead of creditors.

Whether you want the best lawyer Dallas has to offer or you are in Fort Worth or even Arlington, you can easily contact us at any time, day or night via a telephone call, an online chat with dallas bankruptcy lawyers or by physically visiting our office for face to face consultation. Filing for bankruptcy should never be seen as a sign of being in financial turmoil but rather it should be taken as an opportunity to help clients turn things around and become better at spending money and managing their assets. In addition, filing for bankruptcy prevents a number of moves that can potentially cost you your investment.

The moment we file for bankruptcy, you can be sure that you will have put a stop to those threatening calls and voice mails from your creditors and even pre-empt any attempts that may make towards filing a law suit against you. When it comes to the safety of property, filing for bankruptcy enables debtors to protect their property from any repossession, foreclosure, liquidation and bank garnishing. While filing for bankruptcy takes 24 hours or less at our law firm, we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure that we get to know the details of the bankruptcy case before we advice clients to file for bankruptcy. This is very important because at times it may be possible that a client’s timing of the bankruptcy is ill-timed and therefore exposes him/her to the danger of losing property.

In some instances, some debts do not necessarily warrant the filing of bankruptcy, especially when the debts are $3,000 or less. It is important to note that while bankruptcy can be used as a preventive measure against foreclosure, repossession, liquidation and bank garnishing, it can also turn out to haunt you if not filed at the right time and under the right circumstances.

Filing for bankruptcy prematurely can lock you out on sources of external finances and in addition, it can also mean that you do not get to enjoy maximum protection from law. In instances where you are required to make monthly payments, we will ensure that we negotiate for the most appropriate payment option for you, whether the case was filed under Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 to allow you to attend to other important financial needs.